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Rocket League’s Fall 2019 Season Details

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The current summer season for Rocket League – Radical Summer – is over midway through and players are eagerly anticipating what’s coming to the popular competitive sports/auto title next. Developer Psyonix has detailed a few plans for the Fall 2019 season with a few new features heading over.

The summer season has already been extended into August 27, 2019 leaving players plenty of time to continue competing and earning goodies from the Rocket Pass 3. And answering to the negative feedback that the time between Rocket Pass 2 and 3 was far too long, Psyonix has confirmed that Rocket Pass 4 will start immediately after the conclusion of the currently running third Rocket Pass which is August 27, 2019.

The developers also revealed that three new stats will be added to the game – “low five”, “high five” and “swish”. Low fives and High fives are completed by bumping into a teammate – either on the ground (low) or in the air (high) – after scoring a goal. The Swish stat is a bit more obvious as it tracks how many baskets you make in the ‘Hoops’ mode without touching the rim.

The current Rocket Pass 3 and the Radical Summer Season 12 will continue until August 27 with the fourth Rocket Pass and fall season will begin on August 28, 2019. Rocket League is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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