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Robot Arena III is Coming to Steam on May 26

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Robot Arena III is Coming to Steam on May 26

Octopus Tree, a new publisher focused on bringing exceptional indie titles to gamers worldwide, announced that Robot Arena III  is coming to Steam on May 26. Robot Arena III brings players back to the arena for combat, offering even more amazing ways to create, design and build robots.

Watch the announcement trailer for Robot Arena III:

In Robot Arena III players will design and build robots with an extremely intricate and realistic bot creation system. Players can then enter their robot creations into arena combat to see which bot rules the day! Robot Arena III features updated physics and graphics that make it the most realistic and advanced robot combat simulation game.

Robot Arena III Key Features:

  • Design, Build and Customize: Create your own unique robotic creation in the Bot Lab. Every aspect of your robot can be customized, including chassis shape, armor type, power sources, locomotion, a huge variety of weapons and much more!
  • Get Into the Arena: Test your creations and head into the arena for one-on-one or group robot battles.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay: Go up against other robots in the Arena! Play cooperatively or competitively with other machines with online multiplayer.
  • Steam Workshop Support: Upload and share your robotic creations to the Robot Arena III community via Steam Workshop!
  • New Physics and Graphics: New physics and graphics make Robot Arena III the most realistic and advanced robot combat simulation title.

Octopus Tree is a video game publisher focused on individualized attention to independent core game development partners. Octopus Tree offers a variety of funding, publishing, development, marketing, quality assurance and sales services to game developers based on the unique needs of their projects. Octopus Tree publishes games for a variety of channels and platforms. Based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Octopus Tree is a subsidiary of Encore Publishing Group. For more information, visit octopustreegames.com.

Robot Arena III will be available on Steam, May 26, for $19.99. For more information on Robot Arena III visit it’s Steam page.

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