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Robocraft Infinity
Robocraft Infinity

Robocraft Infinity Public Beta Begins This Weekend on Xbox One

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Robocraft Infinity Public Beta Begins This Weekend on Xbox One

Freejam has announced that the first large-scale public beta test for their Xbox One exclusive Robocraft Infinity will take place this weekend. Servers will be open from Friday 16th March at 12:00 UTC thru to Monday 19th March at 12:00 UTC  Players can secure access by signing up via the Xbox Insider Hub app, which can be downloaded from the Store (please note you must be 18 years of age to use the Insider Hub). Once in the app, Robocraft Infinity can be found under ‘Insider Content’. Access will be granted on a first come, first served basis once servers open on Friday.

Check out the tutorial video of Robocraft Infinity, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Robocraft Infinity empowers players to build awesome robots block-by-block and then take them into battle against fellow creators online. Jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, scorpions – anything is possible to build and no two battles are ever the same, as you never know what foe you will face next.

The beta test features the complete editor toolset and two different 5 vs. 5 multiplayer game modes, Team Deathmatch and the capture point-based Battle Arena. Players can also upload and share their robotic creations with the entire community for free, via the Factory.

“We’re aiming for 100,000 players to take part in the beta this weekend, so we can test our server infrastructure prior to launch,” explained producer, Luis Dellinger. “This test is a big moment in Robocraft Infinity’s development and we can’t wait to jump onto servers ourselves and see what kind of crazy robots players will create!”

Robocraft Infinity is set to launch exclusively for Xbox One this Spring.

About Freejam:

Freejam is an independent games studio located in Portsmouth, UK, with an ethos centred around titles powered by User Generated Content. The studio’s first title, the smash hit Robocraft launched on PC in 2013 and has over 13 million registered players worldwide. The franchise is set to expand with a remastered Robocraft Infinity that will launch for Xbox One in Q1 2018, and Robocraft Royale, a robot-themed spin on the Battle Royale genre which is currently in Steam Early Access. Survival title CardLife is the studio’s fifth project concurrently in active development during what is a hugely exciting time for the studio.”

For more information on Robocraft Infinity, visit its official website.

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