Root Letter Western Release

Riveting Japanese Visual Novel ‘Root Letter: Last Answer’ Releasing In The West For PC, Consoles

The 2016 interactive visual novel Root Letter has just been announced for a western release date for the PC, Switch and PS4. Players will take on a decade and a half old mystery to solve a murder case that’s began to resurface thanks to the last letter received from the protagonist’s pen-pal, Aya Fumino.

Publisher PQube has announced the western release for Root Letter: Last Answer to arrive sometime in 2019, but has yet to disclose an official release date.

Check out the official western release announcement trailer for Root Letter: Last Answer below:

Along with the release comes a few improvements and features added to the experience, including the all-new “Live-Action” mode which is displayed in the trailer. Also, new story outcomes and epilogues have been added to the game and will change depending on the player’s replies to letters and how you interact with the people related to the missing Aya Fumino.

Check out all of the features for the western release below via PQube:

  • Solve a 15 year-old mystery – Many years have passed since the last correspondence with your pen friend Aya Fumino. While those memories have been long left behind, a confession of murder revealed in her last letter has resurfaced. It is now up to you to uncover the truth behind her disappearance.
  • An interactive visual novel – Navigate your way around Aya’s hometown, search for clues in the environment, and confront her former friends that have now reached adulthood. Use the items and evidence at your disposal to make them confess!
  • A story with different outcomes – Your replies to Aya’s letters will have lasting consequences, and impact your relationship. Choose your answers carefully and shape a story with up to five different endings.
  • The complete experience – In addition to several gameplay improvements, Root Letter: Last Answer adds brand new epilogues that conclude Aya Fumino’s story and a live action mode.
  • A new live-action mode – A new way to enjoy the story Turn on the live-action mode from the title screen at any time while playing to see Shimane’s locations and residents come to life.

Root Letter: Last Answer is slated for a western release on the PC, Switch and PS4 but currently has no release date other than 2019.

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