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River City Girls 2
River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2 Gets Plenty Of New Info

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River City Girls delivered an incredibly fun beat-em-up game that felt both old school and new. Fans of the game now have two games to look forward to as a sequel River City Girls 2 and a prequel River City Girls Zero are both in the works and coming soon. While we might have to wait a bit for an official trailer to drop, River City Girls 2 received a big drop of information today courtesy of developer WayForward.

First, they showcased two characters that will be punching their way into the sequel. These characters are Marian from the Double Dragon series and Provie from River City Ransom Underground. They will be joining the lead characters from the original Kyoko and Misako, as well as the Kunio-Kun leads Kunio and Riki who are also now playable.

Another tweet from WayForward also dropped out first look at the game with a few screenshots. The mix of shots shows off the different characters fighting and exploring River City. This includes Kyoko and Misako jumping on Kyoko’s bed and fighting through a cemetery with the two characters announced today.

Overall the game looks like it will mostly doing the same as the first title, which of course is not a bad thing. Having more characters to level up and unlock moves with should offer a lot more replayability for gamers as well, especially if they plan to beat down River City with a friend.

River City Zero on the other hand has gotten very little new information since it was announced. It is a remake of Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka which was the game that introduced the masses to Kyoko and Misako way back in 1994. This will mark the first time the game is released outside of Japan as it wasn’t even included in the recent Kunio-Kun and Double Dragon Bundle.

River City Girls Zero is slated to release at some point in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch, while River City Girls 2 is slated for 2022.

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