Rinoa Heartilly Revealed for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

It was revealed today by Square Enix, that Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII will be joining the roster of their popular 3D fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

Check out the reveal trailer of Rinoa in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, featuring some gameplay footage:

About Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Square Enix presents DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT in partnership with Team Ninja from KOEI TECMO GAMES, a new and refreshing team-based brawler experience!

Combining seamless gameplay, FINAL FANTASY characters and breathtaking worlds from the past 30 years of the franchise, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT welcomes all gamers to the online battle arena with a completely new style of competitive gaming.

Choose from over 20 legendary characters and battle in a 3vs3 arena. Call forth familiar summons like Ifrit, Shiva and Odin to dominate the opposing side or to turn the tide of the battle in each match.

About Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa Heartilly debuted in Final Fantasy VIII. She wields a unique weapon called the blaster edge in battle, a bladed projectile she launches from a firing mechanism on her left arm. After hitting the target, the projectile returns to Rinoa like a boomerang. Rinoa’s faithful dog Angelo accompanies her in battle by attacking the enemy or aiding the party.

Rinoa is known for her trademark angel wings printed on the back of her duster sweater and, as such, her “character symbol” is a white feather that signifies the wings. She is Squall Leonhart’s love interest, and is featured in the game’s logo with him. Apart from the angel wings symbol and her ring, shooting stars have a significance to Rinoa. She points at a shooting star during her introductory scene, her strongest weapon is Shooting Star, and one of her most powerful Limit Breaks is called Wishing Star.


Rinoa is the daughter of Galbadia’s military commander Fury Caraway and idol singer Julia Heartilly. When Rinoa was almost five, Julia died in a car accident and afterwards, Rinoa and her father grew steadily apart. At 16, Rinoa dated a SeeD cadet named Seifer Almasy from whom she learned more of the mercenary-for-hire service SeeD provides. By the time she is seventeen, Rinoa has moved away from home and presumably changed her surname to her mother’s maiden name. To compound their problems, Rinoa joined the Forest Owls, a group of freedom fighters rebelling against the Galbadian government.”

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