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Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus Will Receive a Large Update on December 2016

Riders of Icarus Will Receive a Large Update on December 2016

It was announced by Nexon America Inc., that Riders enjoying the open beta of Riders of Icarus will soon receive the gift of new content – and lots of it – just in time for the holiday season, with the Ranger’s Fury update on Thursday, Dec. 15.

Check out the Ranger’s Fury official trailer of Riders of Icarus, indtroducing the new hero for the game:

“The update will bring a wealth of new experiences, including an increased level cap of 50, a vast and challenging desert zone, and the first new character class since open beta launched earlier this year, the Ranger, who features a unique blend of close- and long-range combat options. In addition, nine new mounts will be introduced in the game for players to capture and collect, including Longhorn Bajarn, Matura, Panos, Poyo, Shakiba, Trinoceros, Tolus, Vegarus and Voknos.

The Ranger

With the God of Ruin’s blood running through their veins, Rangers tap into a special dark power to augment their skills, allowing players to utilize their talents to destabilize enemies withup-close attacks and then destroy them from range. In the Riders of Icarus universe Rangers work for the Hakanas Kingdom as shadow agents of the special ops division in Onyx Order.

Key features of the Ranger include:

  • Two Combat Styles – Exclusive to the Ranger are two new combat styles for players to experience and master – long range combat with the bow or close quarters combat with the Vambrace.
  • Skill Specialization – Players can also focus their talents on the Vambrace, Bow or Chaos skills – both of which deliver vastly different playstyles. Specializing in the Bow is best for players who enjoy ranged combat while the Vambrace is perfect for experts who desire crowd control skills. Focusing on Chaos brings continuous damage to enemies, the ability to heal allies, and buffs and debuffs to players.

Cloying Wastes

Ranger’s Fury also adds the new Cloying Wastes zone, a vast desert with secrets to uncover and dangers to overcome. Beginning at Level 40, players can explore this new land and encounter new mounts to tame, while dealing with the oppressive heat that affects health regeneration. There are several factions that inhabit the land, including the Alseik guard, the Griffin Knights and a town of hermits populated by disillusioned heroes.

Other landmarks and dungeons to experience in the Cloying Wastes include:

  • Temple of Sands – A collapsing temple, dedicated to the demigod Skatrasha, which was invaded by the Khabim Brotherhood in search of a secret power to further their evil goals. Players must battle through an army of Khabimist thugs and magical constructs to stop the group from seizing this power.
  • Fortress of Sorrows – A towering citadel that dominates the northern landscape of the Cloying Wastes where the mysterious Fallen Legion organization resides as they cause chaos in the desert. Players will need to unite their allies to launch an assault in this near-impregnable fortress.”

For more information on Riders of Icarus, visit its official werbsite.

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