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Rezrog is Available Now on PC, Mac & Linux

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Rezrog is Available Now on PC, Mac & Linux

It was announced by Kasedo Games, that Rezrog, the turn-based, dungeon crawler with a challenge as evil as the monsters that live there is now available worldwide for PC, Mac & Linux.

Check out the launch trailer of Rezrog, showcasing the games’ features:

“Take your team of seven adventurers and loot items, learn skills and ultimately survive as you try and return peace to the procedurally generated lands of Rezrog, where no two play-throughs are ever the same.

To announce the launch, a brand-new release trailer shows off Rezrog’s stunning table-top aesthetics as well as the endless challenges that you will face at the monstrous hands of over 100 enemies, across 10 environments, containing 100 dungeon levels.

Rezrog will test your strategic skills to the limit and force you to make on the spot decisions that will determine the fate of your team. Should one member of your party be defeated in a dungeon, they will be captured. Will you rescue them with another team member or will your whole squad succumb to the tactical test set before you?

Normally priced at $9.99, €9.99, £6.99, customers on Steam and other selected digital retailers will receive a 10% launch discount on Rezrog up until June 7th.

About Rezrog

Equip, craft and upgrade items on your way to building a strong and resilient team capable of withstanding even the greatest of attacks from the biggest and meanest of foes. Learn powerful skills along the perilous journey through 100 dungeon levels that will give you the edge in battle as you look to tactically outsmart whoever or whatever stands in your way. Get it right and you are one step closer to your goal. Get it wrong and end up imprisoned…or worse.


  • Unique party mechanic: You have a party of brave heroes at your disposal, each with unique looks and strengths, but only one of them can go on an adventure at a time. If one hero falls prey to the enemy and gets captured, rescue him with another member!
  • Tactical turn-based combat: Carefully plan your actions during the combat, conserve your resources and exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • No two dungeons are ever the same: Procedurally generated dungeons create a unique experience for each and every player with interesting dungeons, large variety of equipment items and events impacting dungeon exploration.
  • Permadeath: Getting your whole party captured means the end of the journey for your daring party of heroes.
  • Progress persistence: Leave your legacy to next generations of heroes, even after permadeath, by acquiring and forging precious gems which leave stat points for use in a new game.
  • Tabletop aesthetic: Mimics a paper board game style.
  • Adventurers to heroes: Share all gear and skills within your team and equip them to suit your playstyle, but do it evenly. If your strongest hero is captured, you face an uphill task.
  • Dungeon crawling: Prepare for unforeseen events as you face various dungeon challenges, avoiding traps and lethal encounters.
  • Skill system: Skill discovery and upgrade system that allows acquiring and improving skills as you play.
  • Boss battles: Challenging boss battles to test your fighting spirit. One wrong move could spell defeat.
  • Large world to explore: 100 dungeon levels, 10 different environments
  • 7 character classes to play.
  • More than 60 skills that can be upgraded to become even more powerful.
  • More than 120 enemies to encounter.”

For more information on Rezrog, visit its Steam page.

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