Resident Evil Separate Ways DLC Gets New Launch Trailer

Publisher Capcom has released the launch trailer for the recently announced upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake Separate Ways DLC. The trailer shows its protagonist and series recurring character Ada Wong in action, as well as some cutscenes, voicelines, and more. The DLC will launch on September 21. Resident Evil 4 is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

The DLC’s details via Capcom:

“Separate Ways” explores another side of the reawakened tale, following Ada Wong on a clandestine mission that reunites the agent with Leon S. Kennedy during his search for the president’s missing daughter. Alongside the release of “Separate Ways,” a free update for “The Mercenaries” will go live the same day, introducing Ada Wong and her notorious employer Albert Wesker as playable characters for the popular bonus mode.

In “Separate Ways,” Ada Wong travels to a lonely and rural part of Europe to infiltrate a village controlled by the religious group known as Los Iluminados. Under orders from Albert Wesker, Ada is assigned to obtain the cult’s darkest secret: a mysterious material known as “the Amber.” Her operation intertwines with Leon S. Kennedy’s search for the president’s missing daughter, providing an alternate perspective on the main story that uncovers events that unfold behind the scenes.

Alongside the highly acclaimed gunplay, combat, and knife mechanics of Resident Evil 4, “Separate Ways” introduces an additional feature to the experience that takes the fast-paced action to exciting new heights. For this exhilarating mission, Ada is armed with a Grappling Gun that can be used to swing across chasms, make rapid ascents, and plunge into the depths below. She can also wield the device in combat to take on enemies in close quarters and launch into melee takedowns from a distance.

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