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Resident Evil Re:Verse
Resident Evil Re:Verse

Resident Evil Re:Verse Delayed to 2022

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The multiplayer experience Resident Evil Re:Verse was originally set to launch this month. Today we learned that not only will it not be making its intended July release, but it will not be releasing at all this year. Instead, as has been a common theme this year, the game will be getting pushed into 2022.

The team behind it took to Twitter today to state the delay, saying they wanted to deliver a “smooth gameplay experience.” They also stated that an updated release schedule will be released so gamers know when they can expect the game. If you purchased a physical copy of Resident Evil Village, they state to hang onto your code that came with the game, or redeem it now so it is tied to your account.

This is the latest in a long line of delays for the newest multiplayer experience from Resident Evil, which was originally supposed to release alongside Village. Furthermore, beta reception for the game thus far has been less than positive.

It is unclear what exactly the delay owes too, so there is the possibility that this is an attempt to fix the issues brought up during the beta. That being said, a big issue with the mode is the general idea that deathmatches work with Resident Evil. Previously the company attempted something similar with Umbrella Corp. which was also much maligned.

Resident Evil Villiage on the other hand has been well received. While some elements featured in the game have been compared to the more active components set by previous entries, the game is considered to have stayed the course set by its predecessor.

It was a bit of a last-minute delay, even taking time during their E3 showing to remind us it was coming in July. Hopefully, this delay helps get the game to a point they are happy with.

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