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Rescue Lucy
Rescue Lucy

Rescue Lucy Available Now on Steam

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Rescue Lucy Available Now on Steam

Rescue Lucy is available now on Steam with a 15% discount until June 10. Rescue Lucy is a casual adventure puzzle horror game with mysterious atmosphere which immerses you in this amazing adventure published by OtakuMaker.com Studio and developed by Starodymov.

Check out the trailer released for Rescue Lucy, featuring some of its point and click gameplay and beautiful artistic design:

You play the role of the girl in this twisted adventure into the dark woods.

One morning you were walking through the woods with your dog, named Lucy. All was good and peaceful, until something startled Lucy, and she ran deep into the forest.

For hours you searched for Lucy, until the sunset and darkness fell. Through the fading light you find an old house, could this be where Lucy is hiding? You enter the creepy house, hoping to find your dog.

What mysteries await you within these walls?

During your search you…
Discover a variety of different locations and rooms with many puzzles, and hidden monsters. Collect a variety of items and combine them into useful tools. Rid the house of the monsters and find your beloved Lucy.

Rescue Lucy, is a game with mysterious atmosphere which immerses you in this amazing adventure.

Beautiful graphics and music will relax and haunt you during the search through the mysterious house.

With gently and thought provoking puzzles, Rescue Lucy is a high quality adventure with heart.

Help, Rescue Lucy…

Rescue Lucy also has Steam trading cards, Badges, Emoticons and 5 profile backgrounds, featuring it’s unique artistic style.

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For more information on Rescue Lucy and to see all it’s features, you can visit it’s Steam page.


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