République Stealth Action Game Coming To PS4

RepubliqueRépublique Stealth Action Game Coming To PS4

Playstation 4 owners who cannot get enough when it comes to stealth based action games are in luck because Camouflaj’s République will be getting a port treatment for the system. NIS America recently issued a press release announcing that Nippon Ichi Software will be publishing République, giving it a physical retail treatment along with a digital release on the Playstation Store. This will mark the first time this title graces a home console, but République has been available for quite some time across PC and mobile.

République was the result of a successful Kickstarter that raised over half a million dollars and was released gradually in an episodic structure for both Android and iOS powered devices. Being made by the Seattle development studio Camouflaj, this game has some solid talent behind it. Ryan Payton, who worked on Metal Gear Solid 4 and Halo 4, put what he learned into this title and was even able to bring voice actors David Hayter and Jennifer Hale in on the project. The PC version for Windows and Mac OSX came soon after and this release schedule persisted for all five of the game’s episodes. The game features systems and mechanics that take a heavy cue from steal action and survival horror titles from the fifth generation of gaming. There is an emphasis on hacking to take control of the orwellian state Metamorphosis’ security systems in order to guide the heroine Hope to freedom.

Republique Screenshot

The great thing about this particular release of République is that it will contain every espisode in one complete anthology format. This applies to both the physical and digital versions of the game. NIS America will be handling the European release while GungHo Online Entertainment will be taking care of République’s American Release. The US release date for it is the 22nd of this coming March. Anyone with a PS4 who has not had the opportunity to experience this fascinating sci-fi stealth action title will finally get their hands on it without having to wait for subsequent episodes.

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