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Remedy Developing Next AAA Game

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While it might not be out for a while Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they are currently developing their next AAA title. This news comes as Remedy’s previous AAA game Control passes the 10 million players mark.

This news was revealed in an investor letter that was released today, accompanied by the news the game sold slightly better during Q2 of 2021 than it did in Q2 of 2020. The company attributes this success to its commitment to actively marketing the game, as well as its inclusion in the Epic Game Store mega sale. Control Ultimate edition also recently saw release on the Google Stadia which also helped its numbers rise.

The investor letter states:

Overall, new platforms, services, and special offerings give us valuable lessons for the future, bring additional revenue, help us to reach new audiences, and increase Control brand awareness. Control has already reached a formidable audience, having been played by over 10 million players. The growing audience and brand awareness are valuable as we continue to support Control.

The letter then goes on to explain that their next AAA game is being developed in partnership with Epic Games. While not stated explicitly what the game is the company had previously stated that their next game would be set in the Control Universe but would most likely not be the long-awaited Alan Wake 2.

The 4 player co-operative PVE Control-related title which is being developed under the name Condor will also be moving forward thanks to a co-publishing and developing agreement struck between Remedy and 505 Games. Remedy is also developing the story modes for Crossfire HD and Crossfire X, a “second, smaller-scale game” in conjunction with Epic, and a free-to-play project known as Vanguard.

Thanks to the production of these games the companies total headcount has grown to 293.

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