Release Date for Terraria on Switch Revealed

Release Date for Terraria on Switch Revealed

Pipeworks Studios has announced that Terraria will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2018.

The game will be available to download digitally in two days and that means that people can definitely play it on the 27th. The team does plan to make a physical retail version, but it won’t get released until a later date.

Pipeworks has also announced some details about daily events on their Discord:

To celebrate the Switch launch, we are going to be hosting daily events for prizes on Discord. You can also find us on all major social media hubs and even hanging around on Twitch dropping in on streams to spotlight content creators. And this is only the beginning! Stay tuned to our social media channels throughout the coming weeks, so you can join in on all the epicness. You are also invited to join us tomorrow, Wednesday June 26 at 12:00PM PST, for an AMA with Terraria Switch developer Pipeworks Studios, where we will discuss all things Switch. You can join the live Q&A at

Well it looks like Terraria is definitely coming to the Switch which will be good since it will be released sometime before the Journey’s End update coms which will add newer elements and content that will be all new.

The full blogpost can be found here.

For more information about other projects regarding Terraria, check it out here.

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