Redfall Information Leaks Online From Playtest – Rumor

Acting as the big “one more thing” reveal at the end of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase at E3, the long-rumored Redfall was showcased with a CGI trailer giving us a look at the characters and enemies from the game. While we know it is slated for some point in 2022, there has been very little information for the new game from Arkane Studios since then.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Recently information was posted, then deleted, then reposted to Reddit from a supposed playtest for the game. Original user TheRedFall showed off guns, characters, and some information for the game. This post has since been deleted however another post has appeared, going over basically what was stated in the first.

Starting with the basic information about the game, the early suggestion is that Redfall will be Arkane Studios’ take on the looter-shooter formula. The post even went so far as to call the game “Borderlands but with Dishonored-like powers.” A series of quotes from the leaker of this information states:

  • An open-world Hero-based looter shooter with co-op and solo play, with various forms of missions around the world as well as fast travel and safehouses. Very Borderlands-esque.

  • The heroes each have unique abilities which are reminiscent of those found in games like Dishonored.

  • You select a Hero-type premade character from the roster (6 in this test, unknown if more are coming) and their unique abilities are improved via exp from kills and missions.

Similar to other games in this genre the characters will also have 3 abilities that are tied to Z,X, and V on PC. The V ability seems to be the ultimate ability that characters can use, while the other two are simple abilities, probably set to a cooldown.

Characters will have gear sets that they need to equip as well. The gear your characters can equip includes guns, armor, medkits, “remnants”, and “mementos”. Characters will be able to carry three guns at any given time, with some weapons coming in tiers and involve certain level requirements. The player will also be able to carry keys, lockpicks, wire cutters, and bandages. Bandages will obviously heal the player, while the other most likely correlate to environmental prompts.

There is plenty more info from this leak and way more than I can go into here. If you would like to check the full leak click on the source below. Hopefully, we will see some official gameplay soon.

Source – Here

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