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Recore Launching this September

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Recore Launching this September

Earlier today at the Microsoft media briefing, some more light was shed on the title Recore being made by Comcept and Armature Studio. A new trailer was show and it features some actual gameplay which looks fantastic to say the least. With its marriage of platforming and shooting mechanics in the third-person, looks like an amalgamation of the ill-fated Maverick Hunter FPS and Jet Force Gemini. As the trailer stated, it takes place in the future of the land known as Far Eden. It goes a roll call of sorts with showcasing the cast of characters like Joule. She is human and looks to be very spry and nimble as far as movement is concerned. She makes use of a grappling mechanism that can rip energy cores out of enemy robots and even has little jump jets she can use for a speed boost and to glide downward. This is on top of the fact that she wields a rifle that fires blue energy. Mack, Seth and Duncan are usable robotic companions that can lend their exploration, subterfuge and combat abilities to aid Joule respectively.

There was pretty interesting instances where Joule could even use her grappling hook to ascend to higher platforms. The third-person shooting mechanics look fairly solid and the overall art style with its combination of desert and mechanical visuals. Recore will be launching on the Xbox One and Windows 10 with Play Anywhere September 10 of this year.

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