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Rebellion Developments to Reveal Unannounced Title at E3

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Rebellion Developments to Reveal Unannounced Title at E3

Rebellion Developments will be at E3 this year to bring us new information for three of their titles. They’ll show off Evil Genius 2, Sniper Elite VR and more importantly, “a major unannounced new title according to their Twitter. That’s right this major unannounced new title which will be unveiled at the PC Gaming Show.

First, Evil Genius 2 is a real-time strategy evil genius simulator where you play a one of the evil geniuses to conquer the world. You’ll be developing weapons of mass destruction, professional henchmen, and defending yourself against governmental agents in this dastardly game.

Next is rebellion’s more anticipated title, Sniper Elite VR which is being co-developed with Just Add Water. Attendees of E3 will also be able to play this game and see how Sniper Elite’s shooting, Killcams, and slow-motion will translate through VR controls.

The new title is currently unknown, but there are a few possibilities on what the new game could be. After the release of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered on May 13, there is a high possibility that the game could be Sniper Elite 5. This would make sense because the next-generations is right around the corner, and a new Sniper Elite game could be something that Rebellion would make for the next-generation consoles.

The new title could also be a new Strange Brigade, a 4-player co-op taking place in 1930s Egypt after finding a buried tomb to stop the Witch Queen from unleashing her army of evil. While this may not be the case, it would make sense for Rebellion to make some sort of new co-op game. Strange Brigade hasn’t gotten a new mission since last November, so maybe they’re working on a new title for now.

As that new mystery game is a secret to us for now, at least we know of two games on Rebellion’s lineup. The unveiling will happening during the PC Gaming show that will start at June 10th 1pm est.

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