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Rastakhan coming to Hearthstone
Rastakhan coming to Hearthstone

Rastakhan Brawl – New HearthStone Expansion Leaked

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Rastakhan Brawl – New HearthStone Expansion Leaked

Reddit investigators are at it once again but this time it’s a lot more legit than the previous so-called “leak” Apparently, earlier today Korean Blizzard’s YouTube accidentally leaked the name of the next expansion for Hearthstone that will be debuting later this week at Blizzcon 2018 on Friday, November 2nd.  Redditors later found that the name Rastakhan is also registered by the same company on www.godaddy.com similar to how the previous expansions such as Un’goro and Frozen Throne were discovered as well prior to their announcements.

Here is the full quote from the Reddit Post

“Every Hearthstone expansion has had an independent domain, like ungoro.com or frozenthrone.com, and all of them were registered by the same company up to two months in advance. Rastakhan’s Brawl is no exception.

Rastakhan coming to Hearthstone

For example, Disguised Toast showed Un’Goro’s domain here. Following the recent Korean leak, I tried to confirm my suspicions. With rastakhan.com following the same pattern, I’m pretty sure this is the real deal.”

We previously posted a “supposed” entire Blizzcon leak that actually turned out to be completely false and loaded with all kind of false information and things that just did not make any sense. The Rastakhan Brawl makes a lot more sense as well than opposed to Secrets of the Sea and Blizzard earlier this year posted an image that foreshadowed the themes of the new expansions that were coming out later this year. You can take a look at the teaser image down below –

Image result for year of the raven teaser HD

The Rastakhan Brawl is apparently going to be a Troll themed expansion as the name implies because Rastakhan is one of the troll figures in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, he is the kind of the Zandalari trolls.

Blizzcon is coming up Friday later this week so make sure to stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for most updated news, rumors, previews, reviews, guides and much more.


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[…] Rastakhan Brawl – New HearthStone Expansion Leaked […]