Rappelz Latest Expansion Goes Live Tomorrow

It was announced today by WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of free-to-play MMO games, that the latest expansion for popular dark fantasy MMORPG Rappelz, “Epic 9.4: The Expedition” will be coming to Europe & America with all its new challenges tomorrow.

Check out the following screenshots of the expansion Epic 9.4: The Expedition of Rappelz:

“After the scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, 27th of September, 2016 (UTC), Epic 9.4: The Expedition will be delivered to the Rappelz community, bringing new challenges including a new dungeon area, 7 new bosses, the stunning “blue-eye” weapons set and much more.
Epic 9.4: The Expedition introduces a dungeon that adds a new area to the world map, called The Island of Forgotten Gods. A permit is required, and players can acquire one through a daily quest or buy them from a Black Marketer NPC. There are 4 new bosses on this island that can be spawned when certain items are collected.

The expansion also includes the addition of new quests along with weapons, rings and brand-new items, including Distorted Space’s Armor Upgrade, Sign of Forgotten Gods, Shepard Boarding Pass and more.

With the arrival of this expansion, the Rappelz team will be running 6 weeks of non-stop events, including:

  • Pluto’s Trials – Collect Pluto’s Coins and gain exclusive cloaks!
  • Lak Trader event – Defeat Monsters, collect Lak and exchange it for awesome items
  • Buff Crystal event – Explore dungeons to get buffs
  • Login event – Log in every day and get rewards
  • Wcoin item raffle – Collect Wcoin items and participate in a legendary raffle
  • Golden Week event – Back in-game for a limited time only

Patch notes with full details on the expansion are now available, and players are encouraged to check them out to see what’s new in Epic 9.4: The Expeditionhere: http://forum.webzen.com/forum/en/rappelz-english/rappelz-announcements/1978095-rappelz-epic-9-4-the-expedition-patch-notes “

For more information on Rappelz, visit its official website.