Quake Just Got Remastered For Every Platform

Over the past few weeks, we have been hearing rumors about Quake. These rumors have suggested that a new Quake was in the works or a rebooted version might be in development. These rumors seemed to be at least in part confirmed when a leaked itinerary for Quakecon made mention of a ‘revitalized’ version of Quake.

While there may still be a new Quake title in the works we do know now what the ‘revitalized’ Quake was referring to. Announced as part of the first day of Quakecon an updated version of the original Quake is not just being developed but is available today for anybody looking to relive the classic. The game was made to mark the 25th anniversary of the franchise which occurred on June 22 of this year.

Similar to what past rumors have been suggesting this Quake was developed by id Software in conjunction with Machingames. The game looks to be similar to how the earlier Dooms were treated, keeping the feel of the classic with fidelity and some gameplay overhauls.

The game features visual enhancements such as 4K support, widescreen resolutions, enhanced models, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, and lots more. It will also feature a four-player local or online multiplayer option for the game.

The original expansions will also be available for the game, as well as some including support for fan-made modes There will also be two new expansions that have been developed by Machinegames that players can get. I am curious to see if success with this project could mean a renewed interest in the Quake Franchise, which has been dormant apart from an arena shooter in 2017.

For anybody looking to take up their nail gun once again and battle through medieval-style levels, Quake is available for purchase now. It is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

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Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera
2 years ago

I’m totally getting this when I get home! Loving these revitalized classic game remasters!