Project Genom

Project Genom Will Launch its Early Access on October 12

Project Genom Will Launch its Early Access on October 12

it was announced by NeuronHaze Studios, rhat on October 12, 2016, they’ll start selling the Early Access of the Project Genom game. Everybody will be able to get them into the future and take part in the struggle for the survival of human race.

Check out the early access trailer of Project Genom, showcasing the games’ features:

“On that day, thousands of naked people will leave their cryo chambers and find themselves in the vasts of Avalon looking for pants, greatness, and glory! If the weak human body isn’t good enough for your great plans — change yourself on the genetic level, getting amazing mutations. Or you can challenge the nature itself by modifying your organism with high technologies! Who you want to be, in what direction the humanity should develop — it’s all up to you.

We can proudly claim that Project Genom is not some commonplace MMORPG, where all you have to do is farm by farming mobs all day long. Here you may taste the elaborate storyline, tough battles, role-playing itself and hardcore. We were inspired by Mass Effect, Witcher, Deus Ex and Dead Space when developing our game.

From the very beginning of the storyline, you’ll get to solve a lot of riddles, which may have some unexpecting consequences. You won’t have any pointers  or “rails”, you’ll have to make up your decisions all by yourself. “Where should I bring these notes? Who’s the owner of this chopped off hand? Who wants to destroy the entire city?” Use your intuition, think, and don’t forget to take some weapon with you!

Moreover, we’d like to make all fans of b2p games happy, as we don’t have any hidden payments, your progress depends on your in-game actions and decisions only!

We are also glad to tell that we are going to constantly update the game with crazy amounts of new content.

About Project Genom

Project Genom is a new sci-fi game, in which you can join the planetary battles and explore the space on your own space vessel.
The mysterious nature of Avalon is ready to reveal its secrets to you. Fight the amazing alien enemies or pet them, uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations, or use the planet’s resources to create technological wonders.
The game is developed by the independent studio, with Unreal Engine 4. The start of the early access sales is scheduled for October 12, 2016.”

For more information on Project Genom, visit its official website.

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