Production Line Gets a Teaser Trailer and Early Access Date

It was announced by Positech Games, the developers of Democracy 3 and Gratuitous Space Battles (and publisher of Big Pharma), the first teaser trailer and Steam early access release date for their car-factory tycoon game / weld-em-up Production Line for PC!

Check out the teaser trailer of Production Line, showcasing the games’ features:

“Production Line has been in alpha-access pre-orders for three months direct from the developer through the humble widget, but we are now taking the plunge and opening it up to the multitudes on steam from 18th May. Currently the price is only $13, but that will rise to $15.99 as we go into Early Access. Existing players will get steam keys added to their accounts. The game will initially be for PC only and in English only. So far over 9,000 clever, attractive people have pre-ordered the game.

Production Line is still very much in development, with some big features, such as marketing and repairs/defects still planned to go in during Early Access. The game is fully playable however, and even has some steam achievements already built in. The developer is taking the unusual step of asking players to vote on development priorities right from the games main menu screen.

The final game will be available on GoG, Steam, The Humble store and direct from the developer “At some point later”.”

For more information on Production Line, visit its Steam page.