Pre-Orders Open For Hearts of Iron IV

Pre-Orders Open For Hearts of Iron IV

Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio announced today the start of the pre-order for Hearts of Iron IV, the latest grand strategy game about one of  the worlds most destructive conflicts. World War II is at your fingertips as you guide your nation, plan your research, build you forces and design sweeping battle plans that will put the world at your feet.

To illustrate the alternate history possibilities of Hearts of Iron IV Paradox has released this trailer that posits a Japanese attack on a heretofore triumphant Soviet Union.

Watch the pre-order trailer of Hearts of Iron IV:

If you are among those prepared to heed the call of war, eager generals can sign on today. There are three game editions available for Hearts of Iron IV:

  • The Cadet edition is a standard Hearts of Iron IV release, but a pre-order will come with a new icon for the official Paradox forums and a new wallpaper.
  • The Colonel edition includes everything the Cadet version does, and also one extra icon and a special Tank Pack to add variety to the vehicles running through your enemy lines.
  • The Field Marshal edition includes everything from the lower ranked versions as well as an exclusive forum avatar and an expansion pass that will include the first two Expansion DLC packs for Hearts of Iron IV, whenever they are released.

Every pre-order comes with additional rewards no matter which version you choose to buy:

  • German March Order –  music pack, composed by Andreas Waldetoft.
  • Allied Radio –  music pack, composed by Tobias Gustafsson.
  • Hearts of Iron: War Stories Gamebook  –  a branching interactive narrative where the player’s choices matter. War Stories is written by Aaron Rosenburg and features a young British RAF pilot during the Battle of Britain.

In addition everyone who purchases Hearts of Iron IV will receive a free DLC, the Poland: United and Ready National Focus Pack. This DLC gives Poland a unique national focus tree , several 3D vehicle models, 2D art and additional leader portraits, fleshing out the experience of playing as the nation. The  Poland: United and Ready DLC will be available for all players, no matter when they choose to purchase a copy of Hearts of Iron IV.


Hearts of Iron IV is the latest version of one of Paradox Development Studio’s most popular series. Take control of any nation in the world and guide it through humanity’s most trying hours. With a new and improved battleplan system, you will be able to direct sweeping movements of troops through steppes, deserts and jungles. Area and mission based systems take the micromanagement out of naval and air combat.

For more information on Hearts of Iron IV, visit it’s official website.

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