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Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima

Potential Info On The New Project From Kojima – Rumor

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Recently I wrote a recap on everything that has been going on with Hideo Kojima. Since there has been a LOT going on in the way of Rumors concerning him over the last several months it is hard to keep straight. This was all leading up to Jez Corden stating that Kojima was in the process of signing a deal with Microsoft.

Thanks to another leaker, SoulsHunt, piling onto this we may have an idea as to what this game might be. SoulsHunt might most be well known as the person that Leaked Stranger In Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

In a tweet posted by the leaker he starts by stating that Abandoned is not Kojima. As I stated in the first article this should be a pretty acceptable fact. There might be indeed things going on with that company, as everybody keeps tells me, but those things are not Kojima.

Instead Kojima is working on another project that he is partnering with Microsoft for and as Jez pointed out, the deal is seeming done at this point. However, the deal is for a singular game and not an acquisition of his company. These two, seems logical, as Kojima Productions was set up for his independence as a developer. It seems unlikely he would allow his company to be purchased so soon in its life.

The game in question is an Episodic Horror game, possibly the stadia game that was cancelled earlier this year. According to the leaker, while it will use cloud technology, that was not the feature that Sony did not support. Instead they did not feel confident on the episodic nature of the game and therefor turned down the opportunity to sign a deal of their own.

This could all be accurate, or possibly not. We have no way of knowing at this period in time. If both rumors are true we can expect to learn more about the game soon, possibly after the deal is signed.

Source – Reddit

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