Postal Redux Announced for PS4 and PC

Postal Redux

Postal Redux Announced for PS4 and PC

Postal fans rejoice, your favorite senseless violent game is coming back, this time it will be the remake of the first game that got released on PC years ago in the form of an isometric shooter, in any case, this remake title Postal Redux, players will take control of The Postal Dude as he battles to survive in a world gone MAD. Crazed gunmen are out for blood and wait around every corner. Players fight back with a destructive arsenal as they make their way through a kill-or-be-killed psychological Thriller.

Check out the trailer for the remake:

The game is set to release worldwide in 2016, however, no specific date has been set as of yet.

“Postal Redux Releasing Worldwide in 2016

After 19 years and millions of downloads,  Postal developer Running With Scissors is remaking their twin-stick shooter Postal and adding new content. Postal Redux will release on Steam for Windows, SteamOS and Mac in Spring 2016. Playstation 4 gamers can enjoy the surreal action later in the year, marking the franchise’s first appearance on console.

One major addition to Postal Redux is Rampage Mode, a new single-player mode based around a scoring system, which encourages an aggressive style of play by increasing a multiplier for each consecutive kill in a streak. Players will receive a grade following the completion of each level.

Postal Redux will maintain the elements that made the original Postal world-renowned. The grim art style, frightening ambience, the omnipresent “demonic voice” and the marching band will be faithfully recreated in this modern day take on a title which became a symbol for free speech in gaming.

“Even with all the noise surrounding Postal, gamers focused on the experience, playing the game by the millions, giving it great user reviews and helping us not only survive, but flourish. Postal Redux is a love letter to our fans,” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors.”

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