Postal Redux

Postal Redux Adds Co-Op Mode For Free

Postal Redux Adds Co-Op Mode For Free

It was announced by Running With Scissors, that Postal Redux, the HD remaster of the classic 19-year-old twin-stick shooter, has available now a two to four-player online co-op mode via a free update, with six additional maps coming at a later date.

Check out the Co-op trailer of Postal Redux, showcasing the games’ features with some gameplay footage:

“Co-op will allow players to team up with friends or bots to take down relentless gunmen and highly-aggressive law enforcement throughout the game’s 17 levels. Finishing  POSTAL Redux with an ally will unlock an all-new ending.

The co-op update will also add cheat code support, in case wanton destruction takes precedence over a fair fight. Cheat codes will be revealed through  Running With Scissors’ Twitter account, but some codes from the original  POSTAL  will still work.

A second free update launching at a later date, will allow players to fight their way through six newly-remastered levels, including remakes of the maps from the Special Delivery expansion pack released in 1998; EZMart, La Palamino Resort, Earthquake and ShantyTown .

Two additional remastered levels from the Japan-exclusive  Super POSTAL will make their Worldwide debut, allowing many players to tear through the Tokyo and Osaka maps for the first time.

In  POSTAL Redux, players take on the role of The POSTAL Dude as he battles his own sanity and survival in a twisted world gone MAD. The game stays true to the original bringing dark ambiance and brutal gameplay.

About Running With Scissors

Founded in 1996, Running With Scissors is one of the oldest indie studios in the game industry. Publisher and Developer RWS focuses on creating socially conscious games.

Best known for their work on the  POSTAL  franchise, Running With Scissors develops signature experiences that give the finger to political correctness.”

For more information on Postal Redux, visit its Steam page.


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