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Political Animals
Political Animals

Political Animals is Coming on November 2nd

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Political Animals is Coming on November 2nd

It was announced by Positech Games, that Political Animals is coming out on Steam/Gog and other digital distribution outlets on November 2, 2016, just in time for the elections!

Check out the trailer of Political Animals, showcasing the games’ features:

“If the current US election is getting you down, we’ve got just the game for you.Political Animals is a turn-based political strategy game set in a world populated by corrupt crocodiles and meritocratic mice. Decide whether to be a clean or corrupt candidate as you pick from a selection of unique staff to plot your personal strategy to victory.  Events will be thrown your way that force you to choose between the high road or to bow to political pragmatism.  In a political contest where graft and bribery is always around the corner, we want players to find out how incorruptible they really are.

Turn-based strategy

This new turn-based strategy game is being developed by Philippines-based studio Squeaky Wheel and published by Democracy-3 developers Positech Games. Political Animals features a choice of playable characters, a choice of different maps and a number of strategies you can employ to win over the population, district by district.

Each turn you spend points to move your candidate and their supporting ‘agents’ around the political landscape to whip up popular support. You can bribe the voters to support you, raise funds from the wealthy, give gifts to the influential local district patrons, or hold rallies to build grass-roots support from the electorate. Along the way, expect to encounter random events, scandals and the agents of your opponent.

Political Animals was received favorably by players at PAX (as part of the Indie Megabooth), EGX, BICFest and TGS and we’re excited to finally share it with players worldwide!


  • A short but deep turn-based strategy game that you can play in 1-2 hours campaigns
  • Eight beautifully designed maps based on countries around the world
  • Numerous animal candidates to choose from and customize
  • Eight different staff types with special abilities to suit your campaign style
  • Political Events that draw inspiration from world politics

Developer: Squeaky Wheel

Publisher: Positech Games

Platform: Windows/Mac/Steam

Price: $14.99

Release Date: November 2, 2016″

For more information on Political Animals, visit its official website.


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