PlayStation Middle East Teases Crash Bandicoot

 Crash Bandicoot

PlayStation Middle East Teases Crash Bandicoot

Is Crash finally coming back to the PlayStation camp?, well it looks like we may find out sooner than we think, just recently, a tweet from PlayStation Middle East appeared showing an image of a redesigned Crash Bandicoot and a message in Arabic that translates “Most wanted person…. where are you Crash?”. If this cryptic message tells us anything, it is that an announcement of a new Crash game for PS4 might be imminent, let’s just hope that this really is the case and we can relive the good old platforming days with the cool Marsupial.

Below is a tweet teasing the Crash Bandicoot announcement:

Crash Bandicoot is one of those franchises that had such a cult following that to this day remains one of the most important games released during the beginnings of the Sony PlayStation and it’s one of those games that really showcased what the system was fully capable off back in 1996 when 3D was at it’s early stages.

For a long while during the PSX era, Crash was considered the official mascot of the Sony PlayStation consoles, with advertising directly bashing at Nintendo’s own mascot Mario and portraying Crash Bandicoot as the better game; of course, Super Mario 64 was an astonishing technical achievement to say the least, but Crash Bandicoot did held very well on it’s own with solid platforming mechanics and overall fun gameplay, it was one of those games that anybody could just grab the controller, pick up and play while having lots of fun.

Hopefully this Crash Bandicoot tease from PlayStation’s Middle East means that we’ll be seeing a new crash game soon.




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