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PlayStation Event
PlayStation Event

PlayStation Event To Be Announced This Week – Rumor

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PlayStation has become harder and harder to pin down when they might have a major event ever since they stopped participating in E3, a few years back. This year with it being an all-digital event several studios announced events that in some way flew under the E3 banner but again, Sony was quiet.

Earlier this month we did hear the PlayStation might have an event but so far no word has been spoken about it. Originally these rumors placed the event at the end of June, however, this turned out to be incorrect and soon we started hearing that event might have been pushed to July.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

Mr.Deezy, today posted on Twitter that he was 98 percent certain that the Sony event would be announced at some point during this week, most likely Thursday or Friday. He also stated that the event will most likely occur between July 6-12 at some point. This was the same source from whom he learned on Final Fantasy 7 Remake coming to PlayStation Plus and Horizon: Zero Dawn being free in April, according to the tweet.

What can we expect from the event, if there is one? For starters the new single-player expansion for Ghost of Tsushima. A domain register was spotted for the rumored title,  Ghost of Ikishima, lending credibility to the claim that the expansion is real but will also be present at an event.

Nick, the co-founder of XboxEra, has suggested that the first gameplay for the next game in the God of War franchise will be there. This is certainly a possibility as the game was intended to release this year before being delayed into next year due to COVID. This would mean that game most likely has SOMETHING to show, though what is hard to guess at.

According to Mr.Deezy, the event will be 80-90 minutes. What that time will consist of is anybody guys but if these two rumors turn out to be true we can expect new announcements as well as showcases of already announced games.

Source – Reddit

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