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Rocket League Cars
Rocket League Cars

PlayStation 4 Cross-Play Exits Beta

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PlayStation 4 has now completed its beta for it’s cross-play function and now developers will be able to make use of this feature in the PS4.

Sony made no announcement about the cross-play being promoted, except through Wired. Also other games coming out this month like Modern Warfare will be including this feature, so this obviously is a must for this month.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO, Jim Ryan explained that PlayStation has to keep pushing these features in order to survive the newt generation. He basically wants to avoid complacency and make sure that the more important features are put into the company and future titles.

With the new generation on the way, we can hope to see more changes made to their consoles. Hopefully we can get a PlayStation home?

For more information on cross-play features, check out here.

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