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Pixel Noir
Pixel Noir

Pixel Noir Development Reaches New Milestones: New Beta, Demo and More!

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Pixel Noir Development Reaches New Milestones: New Beta, Demo and More!

SWDTech Games announced that after months of hard work making Pixel Noir, they want you to know they’re approaching their new milestone! Kickstarter backers will have access to a new beta with a lot of new features and improvements: new chapter and story, Overkill, CRDTech card mini-game, new art, investigation mode… Also, non-backers will have the opportunity to try the game with a new public Alpha demo!

Check out the new Beta trailer of Pixel Noir, featuring some gameplay footage:

If that wasn’t enough, they confirmed that the game will have Spanish, French and German translations included! On launch date!

New Beta demo features:

  • A whole new chapter of story and sidequests added
  • More of Pinnacle City to explore (twice the size of alpha)…you’ll be introduced to the Industrial District, Royale Casino, and more!
  • Enemies will now jump you at various spots throughout Pinnacle City
  • Overkill mechanic: if you do too much damage, instead of knocking your enemy out, you can kill them. This will affect what type of spoils you get from battle! New timed hit mechanics for skills including button sequences and d-pad rotation!
  • CRDTech card game…can you find Phil, the Dust Master?
  • Investigation mode glow mechanic to help you find items & tell friendly/neutral NPC’s apart from enemy NPC’s
  • You can now run from battle
  • Animated comic book cutscenes
  • Tons of new music
  • New portrait art
  • Lethal/Non-Lethal systems. Once all your enemies are wounded, you’ll get the option to either execute them or show them mercy
  • Reload feature to switch out ammo on the fly in battle

Living on the streets of a shithole like Pinnacle City, there’s only two things to keep you going: A pack of cigarettes and the feeling that there’s more than this.

There was something rotten in that rundown place. You were in over your head, but you were too proud to admit it. It was your pride that killed your partner. With the hospital burned to the ground and nothing to exonerate you, they threw you in jail.

For ten years you were haunted by unanswered questions and unspeakable horror, frightened by what you saw, what you did – and what you could still do. Now you’re scraping by as a private eye, running a business out of a crappy apartment. But a chance comes along to clear your name once and for all. With your sanity at stake, how can you afford not to take it?

Pixel Noir is a JRPG-inspired detective game set against a film noir backdrop. Think Earthbound meets Sin City!

  • Solve a variety of mysteries as Pinnacle City’s cheapest Private Eye! From missing pets to murder investigations, your detective skills will earn you either fortune or face punches.
  • Fight enemies in turn-based combat. Unleash devastating combo attacks by teaming up with other heroes in your team! 
  • Explore Pinnacle City-a wretched hive of scum and villainy harboring black market trade & hawked by colorful characters.
  • Use your investigation mode to reveal clues. Level it up over time to unearth new secrets and storylines!”

For more information on Pixel noir, visit its Kickstarter page.

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