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Phil Spencer Praises DualSense Controller

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Between this console generation, Xbox took a more unified approach to their consoles. While the Xbox Series X and S are next-generation consoles, the aim was to have them serve as an upgrade in the Xbox family instead of having them completely replace their last iteration. To this end, while minor improvements to their controllers were made, they remained relatively similar in core design. On the opposite end, PlayStation took a different approach and redubbed their controller to DualSense to reflect it.

While PlayStation has been the console most known for keeping its controls relatively similar across generations. The DualShock controller as it has been know saw the biggest change in its design when a touchpad was changed for the PlayStation 4, which was added due to the PlayStation Vita. While keeping prior features, with the PlayStation 5 features such as haptic feedback, dynamic rumble, adaptive triggers, and a built-in mic on top of the built-in speaker. These changes were all made to make games more immersive, owing to the controller’s new name.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has been a fan of the controller since it launched back in November. Recently he has reasserted that PlayStation did a “nice job” and that there is “probably some work that we’ll do on the controller.” He then stated that there are definitely “things that we should go do.”

The idea that Microsoft might add some of the DualSense key features should come as little surprise. In a poll conducted, they asked if the Xbox controller felt “Next-Gen” and if there were DualSense features gamers might want to see implemented. This coupled with the statements might mean a redesign is in the works already.

This year at E3, Xbox showcased several games coming exclusively to the next-gen consoles. With the prior generation slowly being left behind as games become more demanding, we could see these functions implemented as the company invests more in the latest consoles, as opposed to their family of consoles.

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