Persona 5 Royal Gets 20 New Songs

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Persona 5 Royal Gets 20 New Songs

Persona 5 is known for its great and fantastic soundtrack among other things. In fact according to the official Persona Twitter that’s been translated here:

“Take Over” will play during battles triggered by ambushes, while “Last Surprise” will still play during normal battles. The reveal video also shows off a flashy new baton pass animation, adding a flame effect over the character that will change color and intensity with each subsequent pass.

“Take Over” joins more than 20 new songs being added to the game, which includes both background songs and songs with vocals like “Take Over” and the new “Colors Flying High”.

Well it seems like Persona 5 Royal will continue to bring its fans some new surprises before the game’s release. Maybe more information will be coming soon, such as a sooner English release.

For more information about the features of Persona 5, check out here.

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