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Peregrin is Coming to PC and Consoles this Year

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Peregrin is Coming to PC and Consoles this Year

It was announced by Green Man Gaming Publishing and Domino Digital Ltd., Peregrin – a story puzzle game coming to PC and console this year. From the developers of Calvino Noir and the publishers of The Bunker comes a rich and immersive experience, that takes you on a journey across a mysterious wasteland.

Check out the announcement trailer of Peregrin, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Set countless years after the Gods sought revenge on Earth, Peregrin tells the tale of an adventurer trying to save her tribe. Abi’s quest across The Divide will see her face many challenges, and reveal the story of the world before it was turned into a wasteland.

“We’re very excited to be releasing Peregrin this year. We’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this game and we can’t wait for players to experience Abi’s story as she crosses the wasteland to save her tribe”, said Dan Walters, founder of Domino Digital.

Peregrin is the first game that Green Man Gaming Publishing are bringing to console. “Bringing Peregrin to console is a vital step in our expansion as a games publisher,” said Gary Rowe, EVP Publishing at Green Man Gaming. “The demand for creative, high quality independent titles from small teams is higher than ever, and we’re pleased to be able to bring more to the console market.”

About Peregrin

Peregrin is a story puzzle game, combining myth, fantasy and sci-fi. 

Peregrin’s story is a moving take on the struggle to overcome both personal and collective loss – beautifully realised in an epic mythical style.

Take control of Abi as she leaves her scavenger tribe to embark upon an epic journey into the wastelands of the divide. Mysterious monoliths and strange artefacts await her there, revealing the secrets of these fallen lands.

Peregrin’s absorbing gameplay revolves around the use of Abi’s arcane powers. Use them to take temporary control of the creatures you encounter – from simple animals to the divide’s hostile guardians. Turn the unique abilities of each creature to your advantage in solving puzzles and surviving battles.

Key Features

  • A rich and immersive narrative, fully voiced in English
  • 5 chapters comprising over 60 visually stunning scenes
  • Intuitive and rewarding gameplay, featuring the unique creature possession mechanic
  • Bespoke art style inspired by canonical sci-fi artists such as John Harris and Moebius
  • Custom composed musical score for a fully cinematic experience
  • Full controller support”

For more information on Peregrin, visit its official product page.

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