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Pengame is Coming to PC and Consoles

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Pengame is Coming to PC and Consoles

Pengame – an action platformer game with a unique, completely hand drawn aesthetic style – has been announced, that will be published by 1C. The game will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The first playable build will be available and presented at Gamescom 2016 in Cologne this August. Apart from already receiving praise from its future players, Pengame has also been awarded the Grand Pix at PixelCon 2 in Budapest.

Check out the announcement trailer of Pengame, showcasing the games’ features with some gameplay action:

“The developers of Pengame have literally put pen to paper to bring the basics of gaming back to life through this clean and unique take on both the visual and the story part of this indie release. Appealing to all who ever scribbled in their notebook, now finally seeing the pages come to life and engulfing them within an intriguing story.

About the game

The main character is Stickman, the chosen one, hero of the notebook. He has to fight his way through the notebook of a 16 year old student, who made the mistake of drawing the most evil thing in the universe: The Teacher! She must be defeated, before the corruption consumes everything in the book!
Dozens of enemy types are to be taken down by Stickman’s wide arsenal – ranged and melee weapons, special powers, acrobatic skills and time manipulating abilities. Keep the action alive, don’t get hit, and erase everything that stands between you and your goal!

  • Story-driven campaign with multiple alternative endings
  • All hand-drawn graphics, everything animated frame by frame
  • Full voice acting
  • Over 50 different enemy types in huge semi-linear levels
  • Skill based acrobatic combat system with cool weapon upgrades
  • 4 intensive arcade game modes”

For more information on Pengame, visit its Steam page.

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