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PC Gamer Accidentally Leaked Hearthstone’s New Expansion – Rastakhan’s Rumble/Brawl Prior to Blizzcon

PC Gamer Accidentally Leaked Hearthstone’s New Expansion – Rastakhan’s Rumble/Brawl Prior to Blizzcon

It all started with the Koren Blizzard YouTube a few days ago and then later a domain registration www.rastakhan.com and now it looks like PC Gamer has jumped the gone and have actually accidently revealed Hearthstone’s next expansion. As always Hearthstone reddit investigators are staying on top of everything like always and here is the quote from PC Gamer’s blurb and current development of the situation

“Once every generation, Azeroth’s Troll tribes come together to compete for the blessings of the Loa and the favor of King Rastakhan. The no-holds-barred battle forms the basis for Rastakhan’s Rumble, the next Hearthstone expansion, which was just revealed today as part of the BlizzCon opening ceremony.

Nine teams will take part in the latest iteration of this time-honored Troll-down, each led by a Legendary Troll Champion representing one of the Hearthstone classes. The Loa, ancient spirits worshipped by the Trolls, will also take part in the fighting as Legendary minions. Shirvallah the Tiger is the Paladin Loa, which costs a cool 25-Mana to cast. You can reduce that outlay by casting spells, but even so it seems like a restrictive price for an effect that’s probably only going to be good in incredibly slow control decks.”

Credit to PC Gamer and Reddit

PC Gamer (Original Source): https://www.pcgamer.com/scum-adds-a-dong-slider-supporters-pack-owners-get-an-extra-two-inches/ (Screenshotted before it got pulled down – check the link below)

Reddit Quote (2nd Source):

As you can see many fansites such as wowhead and hearthpwn are now reporting this stuff as well, it’s all pretty much official now and we’re only a few hours away from the Opening Ceremony of Blizzcon, but it seems that the leak we previously reported on was correct. Stay tuned to Gaming Instincts for our full Blizzcon coverage later today and more.

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