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Panic Button “Very In Demand” After Successful Switch Ports

Panic Button “Very In Demand” After Successful Switch Ports

Panic Button general manager Adam Creighton has spoken about the studio’s aspirations, future plans, and what gamers can expect to see. Interestingly, in addition to porting games to Switch, Panic Button wants to create their own game in the future.

Panic Button’s recent work porting games for the Nintendo Switch are: DOOM, Rocket League and Wolfenstein II. This has been a dream period for the studio, with a high level of quality across the board securing it a legion of happy, expectant gamers.

Panic  Button general manager Adam Creighton told USGamer:

“We’ll be doing both contract work and striking out on our own. We enjoy the high-profile, high-quality content we’re able to do. You’ll see a lot more of that in some surprising ways across multiple platforms. But we are also building our own internal properties. And there may be some things we create that are with very well-known intellectual properties.”

The studio’s most recent work has been for Nintendo’s hybrid system, but when asked whether gamers should expect to see this trend continue, Creighton explained that there are multiple projects in the works across varying platforms.

Panic  Button general manager Adam Creighton then said:

“Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device for us, and we have expertise that very few studios have. So there’s a lot that makes sense for us to do, and we’re very in demand for extremely high-profile projects. But we’re also known for our high-end development work, our 4K work things like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro—we did the 4K update for Rocket League, for example—so there are things there that people are very excited about us doing. So you’ll be seeing us doing a lot of contract work on multiple platforms, but also some new original properties… sometime.”

About Panic Button

Panic Button was originally founded in 2007, where it contributed to development of games like Kinect Star Wars and Ms. Splosion Man. Creighton joined the studio in 2011 as a GM and co-owner and re-oriented it toward “making good games with good people.” Panic Button has subsequently become known as a well-respected port specialist, having successfully translated Doom and Rocket League to Nintendo Switch.”

For more information on Panic Button, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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