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Panic Button Boss
Panic Button Boss

Panic Button Boss Says that Another Major Switch Port will be Announced Next Month

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Panic Button Boss Says that Another Major Switch Port will be Announced Next Month

Panic Button boss of development and co-owner Adam Creighton told Variety that the studio will be announcing another major port sometime next month.

At this years’ E3, Creighton once again discussed about Panic Button’s experience with the new Nintendo hardware – experience which has ensured it remains in high demand:

We’ve been working on the hardware for a long time, almost six years. That’s more than almost any third party.

With Bethesda, between Doom and Wolfenstein II, they’ve shown you can put these games that are triple A on the hardware.

Doom has been received very well. Zenimax is extremely happy with the external feedback.

Gamers can only speculate what could this mystery game be. Maybe it could be a port of the newly announced Doom Eternal or a port of the popular Bethesda game Fallout 4.

About Panic Button

Panic Button was originally founded in 2007, where it contributed to development of games like Kinect Star Wars and Ms. Splosion Man. Creighton joined the studio in 2011 as a GM and co-owner and re-oriented it toward “making good games with good people.” Panic Button has subsequently become known as a well-respected port specialist, having successfully translated Doom and Rocket League to Nintendo Switch.”

For more information on Panic Button, visit its official website. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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