The world of Overwatch is getting a massive creative spark from the community as a new Workshop mode has been revealed by Blizzard. An announcement gives us an inside look at where the development team plans to take Overwatch during this new mode.

Check out the official announcement below for all of the details regarding this new Workshop mode:

While not a map editor as some may assume, game developer Jeff Kaplan stresses this more of an advanced “Power user” feature. Future creators will be able to create their very own modes utilizing the update’s scripting mode to create anything from new gameplay challenges to designing their own heroes.

Primarily set for those who have programming or scripting experience, players will be able to share and create codes for their creations on both PC and consoles. So, while many users may find themselves a bit lost due to the intricate nature of game development and scripting, there will still be tons of new ideas to explore once more experienced creators begin sharing their ideas.

The new Workshop mode is currently available in Overwatch’s PTR and future creators can begin taking and producing new challenges within the Overwatch world. You can read more on the update over at the PlayOverwatch website.

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