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Overwatch 2 Highlights New Hero Sojourn

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Blizzard has revealed a new trailer for Overwatch 2 highlighting the first new hero, Sojourn, a Canadian black female hero. Sojourn uses a rapid-fire railgun as a weapon which she also uses for her Overclock ultimate ability, which can be used when fully charged. The trailer also shows her using a rocket-powered sliding move which helps increase her mobility. We also see another weapon she uses called the Disruptor Shot which she uses in the trailer to dispatch a group of enemies.

The full official details of her abilities can be seen below:

Rail Gun
Primary Fire: Rapid-firing projectiles that generate energy on impact
Secondary Fire: High-impact shot that consumes stored energy

Power Slide
Ground slide that can cancel into a high jump

Disruptor Shot
Launch an energy shot that slow and deals damage to enemies within it

Ultimate: Overclock
Railgun energy auto-charges for a short duration, and charged shots pierce enemies

It’s also worth mentioning that Overwatch 2’s PvP beta goes live later this month. Players will be able to play as Sojourn as well as other characters, both old and new.

Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller commented on the upcoming game and beta, saying:

“We are shifting our plan for Overwatch 2 to enable you to play it sooner. This starts with us decoupling the PvP features of the game from the PvE systems so we can bring you PvP sooner. This includes the new 5v5 team format, new heroes, new maps, the new Push game mode, significant hero updates and reworks, and many new gameplay features, including, for example, a new ping system. When you put it all together, this represents the most new content we have brought to our game since launch.”

Sojourn was first announced at BlizzConline in February 2021. According to her lore trailer, she met and worked with Soldier:76 during the Omnic War and then joined Overwatch in order to fulfill her quest of helping people and keeping her other agents safe.

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