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Ouya’s Online Services Will End in June

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The Ouya had one of the more successful Kickstarter campaigns that raised $9 million for its release. Then during its release in June 2013, it turned out to be something a bit less than what people expected. People started to give low review scores, highlighted the console’s negative aspects and ultimately this led to the console’s decline.

Production was then ultimately halted in 2015, with only its online services being available. Unfortunately, those services will end as well next month on June 25th. That’s right, the lack of support and lack of new games being made for the system finally led to its online services being taken offline.

Even when Razer bought the rights to the Ouya in order to improve on the product with a few exclusive games being released on the platform, they simply left it alone while keeping the online service active at least until now.

This news is surprising since the Ouya hasn’t had anything happen to it over the years and peoples’ interests simply weren’t there in order to care for the console. While it’s a sort of novelty console as it did have a unique lineup of indie titles, they have mostly been moved to either PC or consoles, like how Towerfall eventually moved on to the Switch.

Now that the game is going offline, it would seem that production for any new games to the console will halt indefinitely. If you happen to own an Ouya and like the games on it, it would probably be best that you buy the games on another platform or simply enjoy the game on the small system while you can.

It’s a shame that such potential for a new console has gone to waste over the years even so that the support of the game has been reduced to none. Maybe it’s best for the services to end next month.

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