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Outriders Post-Campaign Content Coming In February
Outriders Post-Campaign Content Coming In February

Outriders Post-Campaign Content Coming In February

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Outriders, the third-person RPG shooter, recently announced post-campaign content via a new trailer, revealing that players’ time in the campaign was not over. “Mysterious points of interest have appeared across Enoch. New mysteries and stories are waiting to be discovered. This is where advanced players get to test their skills.” These post-game areas are called “Expeditions.” 

The developer talked about an added mechanic to these areas that was not in the main game’s content: the player’s rating, and reward therein, at the end of a dungeon is based on how quickly they finish. Adding a timed variant will ask players to add a layer of efficiency to their death-dealing. All rewards are given at the end of the mission, there are no longer loot drops from enemies. Finishing dungeons at a certain tier is the only way to unlock more dungeons, so players will have to master the ones initially provided to progress further. Unlocking all 15 will unlock the final expedition, “The Eye of the Storm.”

Expeditions allow the player to set the difficulty level before they begin a mission. This will not only determine the types of enemies they encounter, but the loot that is available to be earned at the end. The trailer goes into the advanced modding now available, showing off new legendary items with passive buffs that can give the player stone skin, the ability to bend time, and boosting skill mods the player has already earned throughout their time in the main campaign. Continuing his talk about mods, the developer talked about dismantling mods to make the dream weapon for a player’s character build. The developer finished the update by talking about a new skill tree, which adds yet another level of complexity to Outriders.

Outriders will have this content available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (Steam & Epic). Outriders will be coming to Stadia later in 2021.

There is a lot of customization coming to Outriders, and veteran players have a lot of work to do for the end-game content, coming February 2, 2021.

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