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Outriders Outlines New Horizon Update And More

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In a video this Monday, Outriders developer People Can Fly outlines their first and final free update for the game, which is entitled New Horizon, as well as the upcoming expansion. The update is set to launch on November 16, with the expansion which is entitled Worldslayers slated to release in 2022.

New Horizon acts both as a content boost for the game as well as offers quality of life improvements. This is set to include new expeditions for players to run, new gear for them to collect, as well as improvements to the overall game experience.

The biggest element New Horizon aims to fix is the endgame content of Outriders. During the video, it is even admitted that the end product when it came to endgame content did not “align” with their initial vision. The game will be adding four new expeditions to the game, as well as no longer making expeditions timed to alleviate the pressure on players and allow them to more easily toy with the difficulty levels for added reward.

The loot system is also being improved, adding better Legendary drop rates, duplication protection, as well as better distribution of drops based on the length of the expedition. This means that tackling longer expeditions will be more rewarding for the player.

One of the biggest quality of life editions is the transmog system that will now be implemented in the game, allowing players to customize their gear and weapons. Taking aim at the Destiny 2 transmog system, which players have viewed as poorly implemented, the player will simply be able to unlock cosmetics and apply them with no in-game monetization on the feature.

People Can Fly have also buffed and balanced several skills and abilities in the game. This is aimed to create better diversity in player builds.

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