Outer Wilds Extensive Coverage
Outer Wilds Extensive Coverage

Outer Wilds Receives Extensive Coverage During ID@Xbox Game Pass

Outer Wilds is the upcoming space exploration game from Mobius Digital which looks to push player freedom in unraveling the mystery of an alien solar system. During today’s ID@Xbox Game Pass episode, the team behind the title shared some enticing details about the game’s various twists along with the unhindered freedom of exploration players will uncover in Outer Wilds.

You can view the exclusive interview buried within the Xbox live stream below:

In Outer Wilds, players will initially only have 20 minutes to explore to their hearts content before a supernova kills off the player. Within the death loop players will only be able to keep the details and information stored for the next playthrough, using only your gained knowledge to advance the story.

Every 20-minute interval plays different form the next, with the solar system constantly changing around the doomed astronaut. Some areas may be inaccessible during one play through, but available during the next.

Players are tasked with putting together the story themselves by uncovering the mysteries and various clues surrounding, not only the planet our protagonist is found on, but the solar system it resides in. The video also gives a bit of details on the art direction for Outer Wilds, which is stated to be inspired from retro National Park advertisements, as well as vintage NASA designs.

Outer Wilds is set to release on Xbox One and PC this year and revealed to be a day one launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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