Open-world Racing Game Wreckreation Announced For PC and Consoles

Publisher THQ Nordic and developer  Three Fields Entertainment have announced an open-world racing game titled Wreckreation for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series x/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A team consisting of Burnout and Need for Speed characters will also make an appearance.

The game’s details via the publisher can be seen below:

Wreckreation is the home of your very own MixWorld, a 400 square kilometers big racing realm that is yours to create, shape—and wreck. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team consisting of Burnout and Need for Speed series creators, Wreckreation was designed to be the ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans alike. A complete world of your own design or designed together with your friends online. In Wreckreation you can continually strive to outrace, out-stunt or even out-crash yourself and the rest of the world on courses and tracks designed by you or your friends. But yours will probably be better anyway.


Key Features

Set records seven different ways on every road you drive: Drift. Air, Near Miss, Stunt, Crash and the more traditional Time.

Vacant Lots Empty areas you’ll discover throughout your Kingdom. An opportunity to build  –structures that inform game design and experience beyond the structure’s footprint.

Huge game world, the MixWorld, that you design from free camera view. Place jumps, loops, obstacles, construct tracks on and off-road, and much more.

Pimp My Ride – Paint colors, finishes, wheels, boost flames, engine sounds, glass colors—you name it, you can customize it. All available from the beginning!

Wreckreation offers its own, old-school FM Radio dial featuring 16 channels as well as the option to stream your favorite.

Premium Spotify playlist. You have the power to control gameplay! Create events and set the rules.

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