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One Piece Odyssey ‘Reunion of Memories’ DLC Announced

Bandai Namco and developer ILCA have announced an upcoming story DLC for One Piece Odyssey titled “Reunion of Memories.” The DLC takes place after the events of the base game. A release date has yet to be announced. A teaser trailer was also released, alongside a message from producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki. The DLC follows Luffy and his friends who “will have to find a way back, but not before they unravel one final hidden mystery.”  One Piece Odyssey is available now for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

The full details via the publisher:

The famous pirates are finally resting after their unbelievable adventures on the island of Waford and in Memoria, the world made of their memories.

But as they celebrate their last night together before sailing away, a girl who looks like Lim appears dressed in black clothes with her hood pulled over her face, holding a sinister black cube in hand… But who is she?

The Straw Hat Crew will be forced back into Memoria and transported again to Alabasta, although it seems different from last time, and the cube needed to escape has disappeared!

The world of memories is not the same anymore and Luffy and his friends will have to find a way back, but not before they unravel one final hidden mystery. Discover what awaits the Straw Hat Crew in the announcement trailer of One Piece Odyssey ‘Reunion of Memories’!


A message from producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki:

I am Katsuaki Tsuzuki, the producer of One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey released this past January to commemorate One Piece comics’ 25th anniversary. We hope you’re all enjoying it!

We would like to invite all the fans around the world to join the Straw Hat Pirates on this adventure. This game was created with the concept of “an RPG adventure inside the world of One Piece,” integrating various elements to allow players to experience their own adventure alongside the Straw Hat Pirates while enjoying the incredibly varied and wonderful world of One Piece.

Upon its release, we have been listening to lots of feedback and requests from the players. Some of those requests have already been implemented through update patches, but we are looking forward to continue adding as much of the requested content as possible, so we would like to invite you all to keep playing One Piece Odyssey.

We are currently developing an additional story downloadable content for One Piece Odyssey. So we’ve prepared a new trailer to give you an idea of what’s going to be included. The trailer has also been released today alongside this video, so please check it out!

The development of this downloadable content plans to incorporate fan favorite stories and battle segments into One Piece Odyssey. One of the key points of this downloadable content is the theme of “new hidden story with bonds.”

Another is that the story will more heavily focus on battles. The downloadable content’s difficulty level will be based on the recommended level for clearing the main story, and we’ve prepared many battles that demand a more tactical approach, as well as some special winning conditions, so you can expect to find a new kind of challenge.

Also, as you will see in the teaser trailer we’ve just released, there will be some new characters that were not included in the main game. Of course, we won’t spoil all of them, so you may be surprised to find other characters where you least expect them!

More detailed information will be revealed soon, so please stay tuned!

We hope to be able to bring fans the additional story downloadable content One Piece Odyssey “Reunion of Memories” very soon.

As you can see, we are working hard to ensure that players from all over the world can keep enjoying One Piece Odyssey for a long time to come. We hope this game pleases as many fans as possible.

I hope to see you all again soon. Thank you for watching!

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