One Piece Burning Blood

One Piece Burning Blood is Available Now on Steam With New DLC

One Piece Burning Blood is Available Now on Steam With New DLC

It was announced today by Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, that One Piece Burning Blood is available now on PC via Steam. It’s time for our PC gaming brethren to pit their favourite pirates against each other in over-the-top battles to determine the supreme pirate fighter in the One Piece universe.

Check out the PC gameplay video of One Piece Burning Blood, featuring some of the characters moves and gameplay footage:

“Coinciding with the STEAM release of ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD, the GOLD Movie Pack 2 DLC pack is now available! This exclusive pack includes Rob Lucci as a new playable character along with new costumes for Akainu, Koala, and Sabo from the One Piece Film: GOLD Movie.

ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD is now available on PC via STEAM and launched for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PlayStation®Vita on 3rd June in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Australasia.

Get ready for 3 vs 3 Melee battles between teams of 3 characters. You’ll need to think strategically when assembling your team and swap them carefully during the battle!

By now you’ve heard about plenty of Devil Fruits, the mystical fruits that give most of One Piece: Burning Blood’s fighters their incredible powers. Three types of Devil Fruit exist in One Piece — Zoan, Paramecia and Logia — and each gives its eater a different type of ability. Let’s take a closer look at each.

One Piece: Burning Blood’s Zoan fruit users include Sengoku, Marco, TonyTony Chopper, and X Drake. Zoan class Devil Fruits enable the eater to transform into another species and take on that creature’s powers. Tony Tony Chopper, for example, is a reindeer with a human’s level of intelligence thanks to the “Human-Human Fruit,” and X Drake is able to transform into a dinosaur.

Logia class Devil Fruits are the rarest of the three, allowing the eater to transform into a natural element or harness a force of nature. Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Sir Crocodile, Smoker, Kuzan Aokiji, Eneru, Borsalino Kizaru, and Sakazuki Akainu, all use Logia fruits. Ace’s “Flame-Flame Fruit” abilities give him power over fire, while the “Sand-Sand Fruit” makes Sir Crocodile able to transform his body into sand.

Paramecia class Devil Fruits are the most common, including all the Devil Fruits that don’t belong to the Logia or Zoan classes. More than a dozen characters announced for One Piece Burning Blood (so far) have eaten a Paramecia fruit Monkey D. Luffy,Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartolomeo, Trafalgar Law, Issho Fujitora, Brook, Eustass Kid, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock, Perona, Joz, Whitebeard, Gecko Moria, and Bartholomew Kuma. Bartolomeo’s “Barrier-Barrier Fruit” allows him to create an impenetrable barrier by crossing his fingers, while Fujitora’s Devil Fruit ability gives him control over gravity.

One of the keys to victory in One Piece: Burning Blood will be building 3VS3 teams that combine Devil Fruit powers that complement each other well.”

For more information on One Piece Burning Blood, visit its Steam page.

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