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Okinawa Rush Launches Today on Kickstarter

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Okinawa Rush Launches Today on Kickstarter

Today, August 14th in Kickstarter, Okinawa Rush makes its debut on the crowdfunding platform, the game is a fast flowing martial-arts platform game featuring RPG elements, with many items and weapons to collect, in addition to a “parry-anything” engine and unique “FengShui” system.

Check out the trailer of Okinawa Rush, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Okinawa Rush is an intense and uniquely fluid beat-em-up, 2D side scrolling fighting game, inspired by the by the retro 16-bit era with its classic late 80’s, 90’s arcade style design and gameplay experience. If you enjoyed playing them back then and currently still enjoy retro games like First Samurai, Street Fighter 2, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat, and want to relive that experience and more in Okinawa by battling enemies, avoiding traps, fighting bosses, discovering secrets, collecting loot and saving hostages, then this game will surely enthrall you. The game was Greenlit on steam back in May 2017

The Story

A tale of power, greed, sorrow, and vengeance… A ruthless army of ninja known as the ‘Black Mantis’ clan has come to Okinawa to loot, pillage and kill anyone that gets in their way. Above all else, they are searching for the legendary training scroll of Hiro Yashima who has honed his martial skill to a supernatural level, summoning flame and sound to vanquish his foes. He returns home one night to find his children missing, his wife slain, and a note in her bloody hand.

About the Gameplay:

The core of Okinawa Rush is fast, intense combat with a unique “parry everything” system – you can block projectiles, smash traps and parry every boss attack if you time the input correctly! Doing so increases your “rage bar” which can be used to unleash a fearsome “kia stomp”, which destroys everything around the player; including, sometimes the ground and scenery – opening up hidden areas. There is an “edit dojo” feature, where you can create your own training room and furnish it with ornaments bought or found within the main game. Placing the items in certain patterns will unlock “feng shui” bonuses which increase your stats beyond their natural potential. We have included several mini-games in which the player can train their character, including a karate kata area stylized in a dance rhythm game.

Key Features:

  • Fast, fluid combat with unique fighting engine.
  • Intense boss battles!
  • Parry anything system.
  • Feng Shui item system.
  • Co-op two player mode.
  • Customizable training Dojo
  • Train your hero for optimum power and speed.
  • Online highscores and time-attack. Ingame “splits” for speed-runners!
  • Local Co-op 2 player option just added!

Latest August 2017 Updates:

  • dpad support (on joypads – previously only analog stick functioned)
  • custom joypad key mapping (currently no keyboard mapping yet)
  • better frame-rate and FPS tester (push enter during play to see – and also to show time-attack splits)”

For more information on Okinawa Rush, visit its Kickstarter page.

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