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Man using Oculus Quest
Man using Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest to Add Hand-Tracking in 2020

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Today on Oculus’s blog, they announced that they will be adding hand-tracking technology to the quest without the use of controllers. That’s right, players will be able to play around in VR without the use of controllers in the future.

According to the Blog:

True hand-based input for VR will unlock new mechanics for VR developers and creators alike. Hand tracking on Quest will let people be more expressive in VR and connect on a deeper level in social experiences. Not only will the current community of VR enthusiasts and early adopters benefit from more natural forms of interaction, hand tracking on Quest will also reduce the barriers of entry to VR for people who may not be familiar or comfortable with gaming controllers. Even better, your hands are always with you and always on—you don’t have to grab a controller, keep it charged, or pair it with the headset to jump into VR. From entertainment use cases to education and enterprise, the possibilities are massive.

At OC6, we demonstrated this new technology, which will launch on Quest in early 2020 as an experimental feature for consumers and an SDK for developers. That means that, starting early next year, VR devs will be able to build and ship experiences that let you use your own hands in VR without controllers or other peripheral devices—and the Quest community can get an early taste of what’s in store by opting in to hand tracking early next year.

I believe this is the next step for VR technology to go next, using Virtual Reality without any hand controllers. Well this means that using your own hands to control things in VR will be pretty cool in theory.

For more information about VR, check out our coverage here.

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