Ocean Media releases Solar Division to Steam

Solar Division

Ocean Media releases Solar Division to Steam

Ocean Media, after spending over 5 months in Early Access, announced the full release of Solar Division on Steam.

This is the second game from Zotrix series, and this time they’ll bring us a fantastic space themed tower defense game. With the great help and support from the Steam community they have brought the game to it’s final release.

Watch Solar Division’s launch trailer:

Game features:
– 30 missions
– 6 different challenge modes
– Steam Trading Cards
– Steam Cloud Save
– 180 Steam Leaderboards to compete with other players
– Steam Achievements (40+)

In the following weeks they will release an additional 15 missions through regular weekly updates.

The game is released for PC and Linux platforms.

Solar Division Story:

Alien race known as Zotrix have opened the wormhole close to your deep space network of stations. Station York was pulled through the wormhole. Luckily you were able to jump through in the very last moment. Close to a distant planet you are approaching towards the station York and soon you realize all the crew is missing, including its commander. Aliens are approaching and you are in command of the defense system for the station. What happened to the crew? What happened to other stations? There’s only one way to find it out.

Fore more information visit the Solar Division Steam page.

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